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SwimRun Rheinsberg

The right equipment for a SwimRun

How to start safely and well equipped at the SwimRun Rheinsberg

In order to complete a SwimRun successfully and, above all, healthily, you should have well-functioning equipment. In addition to the essential running shoes and trousers, many other accessories are permitted. We explain what participants should not do without.

SwimRun Rheinsberg 2023: Perfekt ausgerüsteter SwimRunner © SCC EVENTS / camera4

Perfectly equipped SwimRunner at the SwimRun Rheinsberg 2023..  SCC EVENTS / camera4

Must-haves for the SwimRun Rheinsberg

In principle, it is mandatory to carry all the equipment you use with you at all times during a SwimRun. Before taking part in a SwimRun, a few basics should be planned. As with any swimming competition, swimming caps and goggles are part of the equipment for safety, hygiene and thermal reasons. Another important component is the wetsuit. As a rule, this is not a suit that completely covers the arms and legs, as is the case with surfing, for example. For a SwimRun, the so-called "neo" is usually short-sleeved. Wetsuits often have small pockets with space for food and the SoftCup. The SoftCup is a foldable cup that is used to hold drinks. Due to its material and reusability, it is particularly environmentally friendly and can be booked during the registration process for the SwimRun Rheinsberg. Incidentally, a "Neo" can also be hired for the event. 

Tip: Neoprene socks and neoprene gloves are recommended for the colder seasons.

Additional equipment for an optimal SwimRun experience 

It is also important to wear the right shoes. Generally speaking, a SwimRun can be completed with normal running shoes. However, the trend is towards trail running shoes. It is important to test yourself in advance whether the shoe is suitable for the event. Otherwise it is recommended: Shoes with good buoyancy and grip. It is also an advantage to have good water resistance. Quasi the opposite of a Gore-Tex shoe. Participants have had good experiences with shoes without a lot of padding in the upper. Waterproof sun cream is important on race day. As the SwimRun Rheinsberg takes place at the height of summer, burns can occur without waterproof sun cream. Another suggestion for safety during the swim training is the use of a Swim & Safety Buoy. This acts like a signal buoy. Without any noticeable resistance and attached to the wetsuit, the swimmer simply pulls the buoy behind them.  

Not a must but a good helper - additional equipment for your SwimRun

In addition to the basics, other aids are permitted for the SwimRun Rheinsberg. It is advisable to use a pull rope when starting in a team of two. This not only maintains the prescribed distance between the participants, but can also provide motivation within a team of two. In this way, possible deficits in one of the two disciplines can be evened out somewhat. Paddles can also be used. These are pulled over the hands and improve speed when swimming. The so-called pull buoy is also permitted. This is a buoyancy aid that is clamped between the legs. Here too, the motto is: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Nobody can say which aids are best to use. It is recommended that you test all the equipment before a SwimRun event and find the best aids for you. The high school of SwimRun equipment includes so-called calfs. These are similar to football shin guards, but with different properties. The calfs provide buoyancy and improve the water position during the swim. Swimming rucksacks are useful for long trips, in which you can stow items if you don't want to attach the equipment to the "neo" or want to carry supplies. 

Tip: Accessories can also be attached to the wetsuit using snap hooks, available from any DIY store.