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Running meets swimming, swimming meets running

When things get lively around the Seehotel Rheinsberg, one thing is clear: it gets sporty, emotional and there is plenty of running and swimming to follow. The SwimRun Rheinsberg has been one of the annual highlights in Rheinsberg since 2016! What makes the SwimRun so special is that it alternates between running on natural paths and swimming in open waters. Participants do not take off their equipment and run in a wetsuit and swim with shoes - this may be unusual at first, but it is great fun. Thanks to the appropriate clothing, a SwimRun is literally water and weatherproof. Fresh!

SwimRun can do that...

In a SwimRun, at least two running and swimming units must be completed alternately. Participants can start individually or as a team. Unlike a triathlon, the length of the sections on land and in the water are not standardized. The races take place in nature, so the landscape determines the course. Running and swimming is done in shoes and neoprene. If you start with additional equipment such as buoyancy aids, these must also be brought to the finish. SwimRunners = likeable all-round athletes!