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Races for SwimRun experts

The longest of the races is 21.4 kilometres. It is the supreme swim and run event in Rheinsberg and should only be tackled by experts. The total swim segments add up to 3500 metres. On land, there are attractive trail paths that are exhausting but beautiful.

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Date and registration

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Starting time:
11:15 am (the start takes place in several waves)

Start & finish:
Rheinsberg, nearby Seehotel

21.4K - including altogether 3.5K of swimming, Increase 263 m

Timekeeping is done with an active transponder, which is handed out with your race material and must be returned after the race. The timekeeping is already included in the participation fee.

Registration periode:
17.08.2023 - 18.06.2024 (if the participation limit has not been reached before)

Eligibility to participate:
from 18 Years ( YOB 2006 and older)
Participation in the SwimRun is possible individually or as a team of two.

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Participation fee

Level 167,50 €110,00 €
Level 277,50 €130,00 €
Level 382,50 €140,00 €