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SwimRun Rheinsberg

SwimRun Rheinsberg 2024 and the secret of tieing the shoestrings

ZTwo happy finishers at the SwimRun Rheinsberg 2024. © SCC EVENTS

Why choose between running and swimming when you can do both? At the SwimRun Rheinsberg, both disciplines were in perfect symbiosis. The eighth edition of the event offered the 653 participants competitions over a wide range of distances - from the Family Fun SwimRun over 900 metres to the classic 21.4 k. Always the same: alternating between swimming and running, without changing clothes or taking a break. Participants started solo or in teams of two, depending on their personal preference. The running routes led along marvellous nature trails and through wonderful lakes, another very special attraction of this sport. A look at the picture gallery speaks volumes!

Minimalist meets equipment junkie

Many SwimRunners have a pronounced penchant for equipment of all kinds and are far from satisfied with the basic equipment for running and swimming. Buoyancy aids integrated into knee socks, hand paddles, wetsuits - you can let off steam here! But don't worry: you can also reach the finish line in simple swimming trunks or a swimsuit and a pair of running shoes. Everyone has to decide for themselves how much equipment they need for their own personal SwimRun experience!

At the start of the SPRINT 2024 © SCC EVENTS

Want to bet that?

Eugen and Micha from Team Kamschatka from the Kreuz&Quer "Orbit" were clearly among the equipment junkies! Whether their various accessories ultimately gave them the decisive edge over team "markerschütterndabnoahmal" with Mark and Noah is difficult to answer at this point. The start of the two teams was preceded by a bet - just like at the origin of the sport in Sweden in 2002. If the gap between the two teams in the sprint (11.3 k) was more than five minutes, the losing team would have to start the GENERALI VeloCity Berlin in the "Berlin's fastest kilometre" competition on a folding bike. In the end it was 5 minutes and 12 seconds! In view of the fact that Mark had to re-lace one shoe before the final swim section, the conclusion is probably: "Never has a double loop been so important!". One fact almost became a minor matter: both teams found themselves on the podium of the fastest men's teams in 1st and 2nd place. Click here for all the results.

Due to the thunderstorm warning issued by the German Weather Service for the period from 2pm to 4pm, the cut-off times for the 21.4 km long-distance "SwimRun" had to be moved forward, as announced as an option at the race briefing before the start. Not everyone was able to enjoy the second round. The health and safety of the participants was the top priority. This also meant that it was not possible to honour the winners on site for this competition.

The date for next year's SwimRun Rheinsberg has already been set. On 22 June 2025, it will once again be over trails and through lakes. Registration is scheduled to start in mid/end August 2024. With the newsletter, you are guaranteed not to miss it!