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Together for more sustainability

Sustainable action by all those involved is very important to us when practising our sport and especially when planning and implementing our events. For us, sport and sustainability belong together! We see sustainability as a holistic issue and always endeavour to strike the ideal balance between its three dimensions: “economic development”, “social justice” and “environmental protection”. We cannot achieve this alone and often we are dependent upon the cooperation of all athletes. Also, we have teamed up with the WWF and together we are constantly working to make all our events more sustainable.

What we already do

River in the forest © Albert Wotke

Environmental protection

We are aware that our sport and our events can only take place in an intact environment. Through the donation for a regional conservation project, we would like to make a small contribution to protecting this environment together with the WWF.

SwimRunner are looking on a map © SCC EVENTS / Tilo Wiedensohler

Green Mobility

In addition to a bus shuttle from Berlin-Alexanderplatz, we have organised the start times of the SwimRun so that it is also possible to travel by train.

Man receives something to drink © SCC EVENTS / Tilo Wiedensohler

Refreshment points

Reducing waste is one of our top priorities. That's why we don't hand out cups at the refreshment points or in the start and finish areas.

SwimRun: joy for father and offspring at the family run © SCC EVENTS / Tilo Wiedensohler

We move Berlin and the world

Especially in these days of waning physical inactivity and more and more people facing physical and mental issues, we are creating awareness for sport and health, more physical and mental fitness and thus more enthusiasm and joy in life for participants of all ages and abilities.

SwimRun: Three male participants run along the lake, Rheinsberg Castle in the background © SCC EVENTS / Tilo Wiedensohler

Local value creation

Wherever possible, we also favour regional service providers and producers for our event. This year, for the first time, we are offering completely regional race nutrition in the form of strawberries and potatoes.

SwimRunner at the Start © SCC EVENTS / Tilo Wiedensohler

Saving resources

We design all sponsor banners, beach flags and buoys at SwimRun Rheinsberg so that we can reuse them. Only when banners show signs of wear after a few years do we have new ones made.

Sustainability is teamwork! Here's what you can do:

Travel climate-friendly

For a climate-friendly journey to and from the event, use the train or our bus shuttle (bookable in the registration portal) between Berlin-Alexanderplatz and the start and finish area. If you are travelling by car, you can contribute to a more sustainable event by carpooling.

Use your own hydration system

To avoid waste, it is best to bring your own cup or hydration system to the event. Ideally, you should use your cup or hydration system for as long as possible.

Donate for the “Forests of the Future in the Uckermark”

If you would like to donate to the WWF conservation programme in the Uckermark, you can do so conveniently in the registration portal.