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SwimRun: Participants enter the water and pass a green buoy © SCC EVENTS / Jean-Marc WiesnerSwimRun: Three male participants run along the lake, Rheinsberg Castle in the background © SCC EVENTS / Tilo WiedensohlerSwimRun: Field of participants swimming in the lake © SCC EVENTS / Tilo WiedensohlerSwimRun: joy for father and offspring at the family run © SCC EVENTS / Tilo Wiedensohler SwimRun: Female runners jump over a tree trunk in the forest © SCC EVENTS / Jean-Marc Wiesner

SwimRun Rheinsberg

June 30, 2024


The SwimRun Rheinsberg - refreshingly harder, refreshingly different!

Where does it come from?

Four Swedes came up with this idea and competed privately against each other in teams of two over a 75 km distance across 23 islands around Stockholm. The principle of "Ö-TILL-Ö" ("from island to island") spread and quickly led to the first official competition in Sweden in 2006. There are now over 40 SwimRuns there. The idea finally made it to Rheinsberg in 2016. Since then, it has been impossible to imagine Rheinsberg without the SwimRun.

Be there on June 30 in Rheinsberg.

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A SwimRun has it all

  • Competition variant for endurance athletes
  • running on natural paths and swimming through open waters
  • clothing is not changed between swimming and running
  • five different routes are possible for all age and ability groups
  • traditionally starts in teams

About the event

Rheinsberg - can Germany Cup and Championships

The SwimRun Rheinsberg is part of various cups and series:

  • mySwimRun Championships: In 2022, numerous SwimRun organisers from Europe joined forces to form a joint series. Since 2024, you have had to qualify to take part in the championships and start at least two races in the series. It comprises 13 beautiful venues across Europe.
  • SwimRun Deutschland Cup: the SwimRun Deutschland Cup was launched a little earlier in 2016. Seven races have been part of it since 2022. The cup series determines the most versatile national SwimRunners. In the context of the SwimRun Deutschland Cup, versatile means experiencing as many wonderful SwimRun events as possible.

Cups & series

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