SwimRun Rheinsberg on 25 June 2023

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Registration Information

  • Registration

    Registration for the SwimRun Rheinsberg 2023 is possible from June 30, 2022 to June 13, 2023, if the participation limit has not been reached before.

    The registration has to be made online via your personal user account.

    Since only persons of legal age are entiteled to create a user account, minors must be registered via the user account of a parent or guardian. At the beginning of the registration for an event you decide whether you want to register yourself or a minor.

    Don't have an account yet? Go to 'General Information > User account' for more information.

  • Eligibility


    Bambini: 0-10 years

    Youth: 11-17 years

    SuperSprint: from 16 years

    Sprint: from 16 years

    SwimRun: from 18 years

  • Teams

    Whoever wants to feel the real SwimRun spirit starts in a team. Mutual motivation and support do not only increase the fun factor, but also help over strenuous passages. A team consists of two participants.

    The participation as a team is possible for the disciplines SwimRun and Sprint.


    Creating a team:

    1. To create a team, one team member registers for the event first.
    2. Once his/her registration is completed, a registration confirmation will be send by email, including a TEAM-Code. This TEAM-Code can be passed on to your favorite team partner.

    Joining a team: 

    1. The second team member chooses the desired event in his/her own user account.
    2. Within the registration there is an option to join a team by entering the TEAM-Code.


    The participants of the same team must not be further apart than 10 m during the whole competition. Otherwise we have to disqualify the team.


    Teams will only be ranked in the team competition and will not appear in the individual ranking. The time of the second finisher is relevant.

  • Neoprene suit rental

    City, country, wet - everything is allowed in the SwimRun

    But with a special SwimRun neoprene it's maybe even more fun. At laufSinn - our partner in neoprene rentals - you can rent a SwimRun suit for the sporty day in Rheinsberg.

    Foto Neoprenverleih

    Price: 30 € rental fee
    plus 10€ shipping (including return label)

    If you like the suit, you are welcome to buy it. The 30€ will then be credited.
    First come first serve and while stocks last.

    >>Here you'll get to your suit


    Subject to change

  • Clothing

    Neoprene Suit

    You can wear a wetsuit during the competition regardless of the temperature. You can find out about the current water temperature and quality here: https://badestellen.brandenburg.de

    Bathing cap

    Wearing the bathing cap is obligatory on all swimming routes without exception. The cap with your start number on it is part of your race kit and will be given to you at the race material pick-up.

  • Timekeeping


    • The time measurement is done exclusively with the ChampionChip.
    • The ChampionChip is a plastic transponder that you attach to your foot or sports shoe. With this special chip your personal competition time is determined.

    ChampionChip owners

    You enter your personal ChampionChip number when you register online. The number consists of a seven-digit letter/number combination.

    ChampionChip rental

    The one time rental fee is: 6 €.

    The rental chip must be returned on the day of the event until one hour after the finish.

  • Time limit & Control points

    Limit of finishing: 4:15 pm

    There will be two checkpoints along the route. If you do not manage to reach these checkpoints in the given time, we will unfortunately have to take you out of the race.

    You will be taken directly back to the start / finish area with a bus shuttle.


    11,5 km until 2:10 pm

    17 km until 3:30 pm


    Subject to change.

  • Change of disciplines

    For a transfer to another discipline we charge a processing fee of 5 €. In addition, the differential amount to the current price level of the new discipline may be due. 

    Change requests must be submitted in writing via our contact form.

  • Exclusion of Liability

    An exclusion of liability must be accepted within the registration of each discipline, otherwise the registration cannot be completed. Here you will find the disclaimers as documents: 

    Exclusion of Liability for Adults

    Exclusion of Liability for Minors

    Exclusion of Liability for Family Fun

  • Cancellation, transfer

    SCC EVENTS registrations are non-refundable (see §6 of Conditions of participation) and non-transferable.

    For the cover of the participation fee we offer to book the ERGO insurance with your registration.

    Only individuals who have officially registered are permitted to participate in races organized by SCC EVENTS.

    Running without an official registration or "running for someone else"  is a violation of the terms and conditions for a participation in SCC EVENTS competitions (§ 4) and will result in disqualifiacation.

  • Insurance

    Cancellation insurance is handled via the " Entry Ticket Insurance" product of ERGO Reiseversicherung-AG.  It is an insurance covering the price of an entry ticket (here: participation fee).

    What is covered?

    The participation fee is covered if you cannot attend the event due to the occurrence of an insured event. Insured events are among others:

    • unexpected serious illness
    • serious accidental injury
    • Death

    If an insured event has occurred, the participation fee including the fees will be reimbursed.

    Insured amount: corresponds to the insured participation fee

    What is not insured?

    If the event is postponed or cancelled.

    Further information can be found in the online registration and the Product Information sheet.

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