SwimRun Rheinsberg on 7 July 2019

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Travel and Accommodations

You're looking for an overnight accommodation for the SwimRun Rheinsberg 2018 on the 1st of July 2018? Then book your room at Haus Rheinsberg! Please get in touch with 'Haus Rheinsberg' via phone: +49 (0) 339 31 3440 and name the password: Grienerick2018 to get the full prize advantage:

One night:

  • Double room 99 EUR
  • Single room 59 EUR

Two nights:

  • Double room 95 EUR / per night
  • Single room 55 EUR / per night

The offer is limited.

Sponsoren des SwimRun Rheinsberg Seehotel Rheinsberg HEAD Erdinger Alkoholfrei Antenne Brandenburg