SwimRun Rheinsberg on 21 June 2020

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Registration SwimRun Rheinsberg

We are happy that you want to be a part of the SwimRun Rheinsberg, on June 21, 2020. 75 km outside the gates of Berlin.

Before you start with your registration, please find following some important information about the race:

Date: Sunday, June 21, 2020
Distance: approx. 23 km SwimRun and approx. 11,5 km Sprint SwimRun / approx. 5km Super Sprint SwimRun / Youth SwimRun - Round course approx. 900m -
Registration deadline: June 21, 2020
Payment: By credit card or SEPA direct debit scheme.
Registration and payment will be processed by Mika Timing.
Upon successful registration you will receive a confirmation by mail.

Participation is possible individually or in teams of two!

Participation limit: SwimRun 300 / SprintSwimRun 450 / SuperSprintSwimRun150

Your health:

As the organiser of many events, we - SCC EVENTS GmbH - are not only concerned about sports, but about your health, as well!

Therefore, prior to the registration process, we require your participation in the the so-called PAPS-test. It only takes 2-3 minutes to complete, and gives you a preliminary assessment of your personal fitness and / or possible risks - for the sake of your health. Please read on for further information...

  SwimRunRheinsberg (23 km)
Period Team Individual
11.07.-19.09.2019 100€
20.09.-19.12.2019 110€
120€ 70€
09.03.-08.06.2020 und Nachmeldung
130€ 75€
  Sprint SwimRun (11,5 km)
Period Team
11.07.-19.09.2019 80€ 50€
20.09.-19.12.2019 90€
100€ 60€
09.03.-08.06.2020 und Nachmeldung
110€ 65€
 SuperSprintSwimRun (5 km)
11.07.-19.09.2019 60€ 40€
20.09.-19.12.2019 70€
80€ 50€
09.03.-08.06.2020 und Nachmeldung
90€ 55€
  Youth SwimRun 11-17 Years (approx. 900 m / Round)
til 08.06.2020 and late registration

*23:59Uhr MEZ

Online Registration

Kids & Teens
up to and including age 17
Teens & Adults
from age 18

Terms of Participation

Here you will find our terms of participation which apply to all our races.

Each team consists of two team members. Motivate and help each other in exhausting segments on the track and celebrate every kilometre together.

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